Dornier Do 24T-3: Guardia Civiles in Silver.

Dornier Do 24T-3: Guardia Civiles in Silver.

Designed originally for the Royal Netherlands Naval Air service and built under licence there, the Do 24 was a robust very seaworthy flying boat, a proud example of Dornier know-how in the matter. Ironically, after German invasion of Netherlands the Do 24 because all its virtues became the true maintain of the Luftwaffe for air-sea rescue, transport and marine recon duties. The Do 24 was built by both the original Dutch organization and by C.A.M.S in France becoming the most produced “German” flying boat of WW2.
About a dozen of those wonderful “creatures” were delivered to Spain in late WW2 to be used in the SAR (air-sea rescue) in the Mediterranean. Those and others bought postwar from France were known as the “Guardia Civiles” here in Spain because their original green colour was very similar to that police force uniform. The Ejército del Aire operated them until 1969!
In this photo 3 “Guardia Civiles”,no longer in green, later in their operational life flying over Mallorca.

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