Martin XB-48: Jet Guessing Game

Martin XB-48: Jet Guessing Game

A transitional design built at the end of WW2, the B-48 was, like the NAA B-45, just a stepping stone to the real revolution in heavy jet bomber -and general aviation,by the way-, the Boeing B-47 Stratojet. The B-48 had a straight wing that shows clearly its late model piston-engined bomber heritage, all wasn’t just classic in its design:it was equiped with 6, yeah 6, GE J35 engines in two big flat gondolas whose peculiar design, with big inter-engine cooling space, that made them look as individual engine pods; its thin wing made necessary the use of a bicycle undercarriage with small outriggers in the wings, a feature tested on a B-26 Marauder. All in all it was quite revolutionary, but not in the crucial things. Only two of them were built.


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