Soyuz 4-Soyuz 5: Orbital Transfer Première.

Soyuz 4-Soyuz 5: Orbital Transfer Première

1969: The first docking of two spacecraft and the first crew exchange in orbit. Two members of Soyuz 5 (Yeliseyev and Khrunov) made an EVA to transfer to the Soyuz 4 (commanded by Shatalov) leaving Soyuz 5 Commander Volynov alone.
A milestone indeed, yet all was not wine & roses in this dual mission. Volynov’s reentry became very dangerous when the propulsion mode didn’t separated cleanly. Due to that the capsule began its reentry “back to front” with the hatch facing forward. Luckily, it righted itself later, but it was a brutal reentry and Volynov broke several front teeth in the upper jaw. He was removed from flight status for 2 years.


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