FFVS J 22A: 1st Class Stopgap.

 FFVS J 22: 1st Class Stopgap.

The J22 was an emergency fighter conceived due to the difficulties of the neutral Sweden to buy war material in the middle of WW2. Nothing fancy in its design: a classic structure of steel and plywood. Not much options in engine choices either. The only really available engine was an local unlicenced copy of the P&W Twin Wasp. By the way, they acquired and paid the licence later. Quite honest these Swedes.
The J22 turned to be a very well-liked fighter,with respetable -even remarkable- performances. In the minus side the usual problems when such a narrow undercarriage problems was used and the its modest high altitude capacities. It remained in service until 1952…, not bad for a stopgap.

Republic YRF-84F: “I’m not so sure” eyes.

1953, one of the Project FICON parasite fighter/attack/recon tests. Photo taken on the Convair GRB-36F mothership bomb bay, where the parasite fighter was installed. The “parasite” in question is the first named YF-96, later renamed XF-84F, and at this stage re-renamed YRF-84F – too many names, maybe. Basically a F-84E fuselage fitted with swept wings and tail surfaces.