Douglas DC-1: Close to Heaven.

Douglas DC-1: Close to Heaven.

With the DC-1 first flight in 1933 started the real revolution in air travel. Its direct descendants, the DC-2 and specially the DC-3, made posible safe, efficient and profitable comercial aviation.The unique DC-1 built only as a prototype didn’t entered service, but it won various world speed records.
Some time later and like some other available aircraft the DC-1 became -as we can see here- another type bought by the “aircraft hungry” Spanish Republican AF during the Guerra Civil. At the end of that grim episode, the DC-1 passed to Nationalist hands where is had a very brief life finishing its flying days on a Málaga beach after a forced landing.
It you go to Málaga during the Eastern Week feast take a close look at the “Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza” frame, according to mistaken sources, the DC-1’s spars were used to built it…. In reality it was made with Ju 52’s pieces.


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