Hanriot HD.1: Successful Reject.

Hanriot HD-1: Successful Reject.

Hanriot was quite renowmend by its prewar products,but with the arrival of WW1 it concentrated in building others’ designs,specially the redoubtable Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.The HD-1 is the result of using the know-how gained with that license:a manouverable,robust and simple aircraft typically “Sopwith-tic”,let’s say.
The Frenchs prefered the outstanding Spad S.VII instead,gladly their loss became Italians and Belgians win.It turned to be a fine fighter to both countries being built by Macchi in Italy and supplied directly to the Belgians.
In this cute photo the very first HD-1 delivered to the Belgians used by Ace André de Meulemeester and later on by the great Ace Willy Coppens.
Note also the classic Bessonneau portable hangar……I LOVE this picture.


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