Fairey Fantôme / Féroce: What a waste!!

Fairey Fantôme / Féroce: What a waste !!

Designed in 1934 by Marcel Lobelle and built by Fairey to meet a Belgian AF fighter demand, the Fantôme (Féroce was its intended name in the Belgian AF) was -as we can clearly see in this picture- a thing of beauty; another candidate to the coveted “the most handsome” biplane fighter tittle.
It wasn’t only looks though: The Fantôme was a magnificent aircraft with performance to spare which its intended Hispano-Suiza 12 Ycrs “moteur canon” and machine guns certainly gave it serious “bite”.
In the end only four of them were produced. The requirements of the Belgian AF changed and the Fantòne/Féroce didn’t have the chance to enter service. The prototype crashed during a demonstration, one was ordered by the British Air Ministry to test the “moteur-canon” and the other two were acquired by the USSR for the same reason.
Love at first sight, my friends.


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