R.A.F F.E.2b: The Humble Warrior.

RAF F.E.2b: The Humble Warrior.

Designed in 1911 and still in use at the summer of 1918 as a night bomber, the F.E.2 was a clear example of the material malady that affected British RFC during almost all the Great War. Granted, the F.E.2 was a robust and efficient aircraft in its own right, but it was more than obsolete against Albatri and Halberstadts. Only their crews’ guts and sacrifice allowed at the time the aggressive RFC’s offensive stand.
By the way, a F.E.2 crew seriously wounded the renowned Manfred von Richthofen. “Not easy meat this time, Herr Baron”

Wonderfully ghost-like photo of a b model in a safer night bombing role.

3 thoughts on “R.A.F F.E.2b: The Humble Warrior.

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