Pfalz D.XII: War Colours.

Pfalz D.XII: War Colours.

The lovely preserved D.XII of the Museum of Flight,Seattle. Just take a look at how amazing those WW1 German aircraft were. Its Axial propeller and that Lozenge camouflage under the wings are pure works of art.

Messerschmitt Bf 109B-1: Ace of Spades.

Messerschmitt Bf 109B-1: Ace of Spades.

This B-1, flown by Feldwebel Otto Polenz, was captured in Dec 1937 at the Spanish Guerra Civil. Being a quite advanced design it was tested in Spain by a French commission (the great “Kostia” Rozanoff flew it) and later sent to Soviet Union in Feb, 1938. The B-1 was evaluated by the NII VVS (Russia Air Force research institute) where it was flown among others by another great: Stepan P. Suprun.

As we can see here not only the Spitfire & Hurricane used those lovely spade grips, in this case the KG 11 grip model.

Dornier J Wal: Two fatties….

Dornier J Wal: Two fatties....

The tandem engine configuration really had something. This Gnome-et-Rhône Jupiter radial-engined Wal (D-862 “Sägefisch”) was certainly a very purposeful looking design.
By the way, according to some sources the figure in this photo is Hermann Göring. Yep, that Göring. I’m not so 100% sure.

APH-5 flight helmet: Lovingly out of place.

APH-5 flight helmet: Lovely out of place.

Really beautiful drawing of a very confident “space pilot”. He wears a capstans equipped partial pressure suit (David Clark’s type) and uses a US. Navy APH-5 flight helmet/ MS22001 oxygen mask combination. Let’s hope his spaceship will not suffer a catastrophic loss of pressure; he would be doomed wearing that outfit.

Artwork by Fred Freeman.