Consolidated Fleester 20-A: Flying Therapy.

Consolidated Fleester 20-A: A Flyin' Therapy.

The 20-A was a parasol version of the Consolidated  17 model;  a “Lockheed Vega’s lookalike”. The parasol wing layout was chosen because afforded better STOL qualities than a more conventional wing positioning. It was still preferred by a much of the pilot community. Although loved by their pilots it appears that some of their passengers were somewhat apprehensive about sitting in their 6 passenger cabin suspended under the wing by only four struts!
Some of them ended in Republican hand during the Spanish Civil War. As a curiosity at the end of that awful shame some survivors were used to cure the symptoms of the tos ferina (pertussis) in children. Someone thought flying at a certain altitude could be beneficial for that….

Lovely drawing of a TWA Fleester in more peaceful skies. The 20-A was the last single-engined airliner operated by TWA.

Artist: Shigeo Koike.


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