Consolidated Fleester 20-A: A Flyin’ Therapy.

Consolidated Fleester 20-A: A Flyin' Therapy.

The 20-A was a parasol version of the Consolidated “Vega lookalike” 17 model. The parasol wing layout afforded better STOL qualities than a more conventional wing positioning, and it was still prefered by a great part of the pilot community. Although the Parasol Fleester by their pilots it appears that some of their passengers were somewhat apprehensive about sitting in their 6 passenger cabin suspended under the wing by only four struts!.
Some of them ended in the Republican side at the Spanish Civil War. At the end of that awful shame some survivors were used to cure the symptoms of the pertussis (tos ferina) in childs: someone thought that flying at a certain altitude could be benefitial for that….

Lovely drawing of a TWA Fleester in more peaceful skies. The 20-A was the last single-engined airliner operated by TWA.

Artist: Shigeo Koike.


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