Airco DH.2: Blessed Spinning Incinerator

Airco DH.2: Blessed Spinning Incinerator

The DH.2 was the British answer to the perceived need of a single seat fighter aircraft that could use a forward machine gun effectively. Not having the efficient interrupter gear the German had, Geoffrey de Havilland derived the DH.2 from his previous DH.1 pusher two-seater.
A maneuverable and sensitive design (both good qualities for a fighter) it acquired at first quite a fame for its tendency to spin on fire. Nevertheless when the DH.2 arrived at the front it proved its worth against the Fokker fighter ending the so called “Fokker Scourge”.

Wonderful and rare pic of an early example taken at Beauvel,France. It seems to be the DH.2 of a flight leader: look at those strut pennants


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