NASA Headgear: Feelin’ like a kid.

NASA Headgear: Feelin' like a kid.

A very desirable collection of NASA headgear in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.From left to right:
– Universal Hamilton Standard A-4H of 1964 used in a lot of suits made for tests ,system evaluation and training.
– ILC Industries SPD-143-1a helmet used in the AX1L Pre-Apollo competition spacesuit prototype, 1963: it was latter recycled to be used with other suits for training, tests, etc.
– Gemini Protective “bonedome” of the David Clark G5C suit used in the Gemini VII,1965.
– B.F. Goodrich Mercury Helmet,in this case it’s a training example used by Wally Schirra,1960.

Pick your favorite. I got mine.


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