Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech: Loud & Clear.

Republic XF-84H Thunderscreech: Loud & Clear.

The intention of the USAF with this modified F-84 testbed was to put in practice what the Air Force, Hamilton-Standard and Curtiss-Wright have been working in supersonic propellers. Those companies though that a XT40 turbo jet engine with the right propeller would allow an aeroplane to operate in high transonic or even low supersonic-regime and it appeared also to offer a solution to the limited range of the early jet fighters.
Now the catch. The Thunderscreech was probably the loudest of all aeroplanes; it could be heard from around 40 km away. Earning the sobriquet “Mighty Ear Banger”. Even worst, its supersonic propeller generated shock waves of such magnitude that disrupted airport operations and even produced material damage. This aeroplane was also quite notorious for inducing really awful nausea and headaches among ground crews. All in all, a neat aircraft to operate.

Anyway, it had one of the best looking nose-prop jobs in my humble opinion.

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