Consolidated B-24J Liberator: Not just B-17’s

Consolidated B-24J Liberator: Not just B-17's

The Liberator also employed the always cool looking Sperry ball turret.Nevertheless added equipement and armament drasticaly increased the weight of the B-24J and its perfomances,particulary at high altitude,suffered.To combat this trend field commanders ordered the replacement of the ball turret by a pair of hand held .50 MG’s.

Photo: The Collings Foundation’s Liberator,the only restored flying B-24J in the world.


Bellanca P-200A “Airbus”: The Flying $….sorry, W “

Evolved from a unbuilt record/raid aircraft design conceived in the wave of the Lindy’s 1927 fever,this magnificent Airbus exhibit the classic Guiseppe Bellanca’s aerodynamically shaped triangular lifting struts.This version,the P-200A, was equiped with floats and operated as a wealthy people ferry service in New York City. The relatively few Airbus/Aircruiser built were very efficient aircrafts that in later more powerful models were considered the most efficent airlines of their days.
Unfortunely a 1934 change in regulations that prohibited single engine transports and the availability of more capable multiengined planes cut short their life as airliners.The insatiable Canadian Bush made good used of them.

Splendid art by Steve Remigton.

Roy Scroggs’ “Last Laugh”: He didn’t laugh last.

Scroggs -a tailor by trade- was a layman in aeronautical matters,but he had grandiose thoughts about the way aircrafts should be built and he even filed a patent.Scroggs was met with skepticism by the experts and the name of this aircraft reflect his vindictive mood.
The Dart (aka Last Laugh) was a sort of paper dart shaped aircraft powered by the well-known Curtiss OX-5.He believed that its design would “conserve gasoline”,could be able to land in small places and,be safer.
It was apparently test flown around 1929/30,but after that the trail got cool.