Potez 540 & André Malraux: L’espoir wasn’t enough.

Potez 540 & André Malraux: L'espoir wasn't enough.

The 540 was the result of a chimera search: a sort of all-around flying machine. Born to cover the ludicrous BCR concept (bombardement, combat, reconnaissanse à vue/ Bomber, combat, visual recon), the Potez 540 only achieved multi-role mediocrity. They were a bad joke painfully slow, ridiculously protected and woefully armed.
Some of them ended in the Spanish Civil War on the Republican side. Maybe apocryphal, but according to some sources they earned there the chilling  “Los Ataúdes Volantes” (Flying Coffins) sobriquet.

Rotten aircraft + dilettante warrior = A Magnificent Defeat.


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