Heinkel He 70F Blitz: Lightning Fast.

Heinkel He 70F Blitz: Lightning Fast.

The He 70 was the best European answer to the shock provoked by Swissair introduction of the fast and modern Lockheed Orion. An astonishing advanced design equipped with Günther Brothers’ trademark elliptical wing, the Blitz set eight world speed records at the beginning of the 1930s.
Used briefly as fast mail-passenger airliners they was soon supplanted by bigger and more capable aircraft; the Orion was a better airliner design anyway. Military light bomber and recon aircraft were also produced. They proved modestly successful in military roles; their speed was appreciated, but they were poorly armed and had a reputation of being fire-prone.

In this photo a Legion Condor’s Rayo (Blitz). It had such a purposeful nose (BMW VI).


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