Handley Page Victor Mk.1: Supersonic V.

Handley Page Victor Mk.1: Supersonic V

The Victor had the honor of being the only Supersonic-capable V-Bomber. It did once at least. During a factory flight in Jun 1956 XA917 (curiously this one is XA918) passed unintentionally the speed of sound.

All right, not again with the Victor vs Vulcan pointless contest, but what a dreamboat


2 thoughts on “Handley Page Victor Mk.1: Supersonic V.

  1. Truly a beaut. In many respects. I’ve won an old model kit of a Victor on ebay from a spanish chap recently. It was produced in Hong Kong by a manufacturer from NZ, called Lincoln International. I assume that it has the same vintage than your picture – the model kit is provided even with the same markings (XA918). May I share this picture on facebook?

  2. Hi, I’m a Spanish chap also. ;). Nice acquisition, the Victor is my fav V-Bomber, especially these early models.Sure you can share it there,be my guess.

    Un abrazo

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