Antonov An-6 Meteo: Suck your finger and look skywards.

Antonov An-6 Meteo: Suck your finger and look skywards.

When the An-2 appeared just after WW2 its biplane configuration was taken by western expert with some derision because of its backwardness, time have proved them utterly wrong.
“Annushka” (Annie in Russian) is, maybe, the “peasantest” of all USSR aircraft, and as a peasant it ought to be a able to handle a lot of chores. Do you need an high-altitude weather reconnaissance aircraft? equip an Annie with a turbo-supercharger Shvetsov Ash-62IR/TK engine turning an ultra cool scimitar-shaped prop, install a lovely bizarre cabin for the weather(wo)men just before the fin….and don’t forget those cute rear-view mirrors.

There’s a saying in my little village: Doubts about the weather?… ask a peasant.

EE Lightning Mk.6: Less is More.

EE Lightning Mk.6: Less is More

The beauty of the Lightning OR946 primary flight display system in all its splendor: the large roller-blind attitude indicator next to the the lovely designed combined offset TACAN (a navigation aid) and ILS (Instrument Landing System) display for navigation; a pretty advanced stuff back then.
On the radar scope the necessary. Those hoods were really obtrusive but necessary in those primitive scopes. I love them anyway.

Photo: Bernie Condon.

Lockheed EC-121S Constellation: Deceptively Peaceful.

Lockheed EC-121S Constellation: Deceptively Peaceful.

Lovely and almost naive painting of an EC-121S from the 193rd TEWS (Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron) Pennsylvania ANG. The 193rd operated as we can see here from Korat, Thailand in 1970. The unit was part of operation “Commando Buzz”: used in “psy-ops” (psychological operations) supporting the U.S. forces in Vietnam.

There was nothing naïf in their role.

See you all after the holidays. Un abrazo.