Avia BH-33E: Mistery & Intrigue.

Avia BH-33E: Mistery & Intrigue.

Czechoslovakian aviation company Avia built quite a few fighters designs during the interwar period. Almost all of them had decent performances, but it wasn’t until 1929 with the BH-33E when they reached the “first-class” level. Nothing new or innovative was done with the BH-33E,  just the fruit of trial, error and perseverance.
Three examples of BH-33 were sold to Belgium in 1929 where they were intended to be built under licence unsuccessfully. In 1936 one of the three was smuggled by the Republicans to take part in Spanish Civil War. The delivery itself was a true odyssey and when it arrived to Spain it was discovered someone had liberated the gun-synchronisation device…
The aircraft have been listed as a BH-33, but with that oval-section fuselage it could only be a BH-33E.

Boy, what a magnificently weird way to streamline those Jupiter’s pistons.

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