Martinsyde F.4 Buzzard: El Gavilán se pavonea.

Martinsyde F.4 Buzzard: El Gavilán se pavonea.

Such a pity that the scarcity of its RR Falcon engine condemned the superlative Martinsyde F3’s future even if it was one of the best -the best according to some- British fighters of the latter part of The Great War.
To late to take part in the war the F.4 was a basically The F.3 reengined with the more plentiful HS 8Fb. Renamed “Buzzard” these splendid fighters enjoyed a modest operational postwar service -the usual postwar military expenditure cutbacks. They’re operated in meagre numbers by the RAF and other air forces, and some had charmin’ civilian racing lives.Sadly,it was not enough,the Martinsyde company broke.
Spain’s Aeronautica Naval (Navy) bought some that remained in service until the Spanish Civil War….talk about profitability.

Stunning pic taken during the 1928 Aeroclub of Barcelona autumn meeting.This Buzzard piloted by contramaestre Francisco Piedra was the overall winner,being the best in: speed,acrobatics and…..balloon shooting !!

Photo: ACBS archives.


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