Mitsubishi G3M “Rikko”: Dream a huge dream.

The G3M was one of the Imperial Japanese Navy AF main heavy land bombers at the start of WW2. First flown in 1935, the “Rikko” was designed to have the maximum posible range possible as a priority. To achieve such range Mitsubishi utilized Japanese proved formula: light-weight structure, weak defensive armament and lack armor/self-sealing fuel tanks.
Employed with success in China prior to WW2, these bombers were clearly obsolete by 1941 yet they continued to be used effectively during the early part of the war; paying a high human cost until they were transferred to less harzardorous duties.

Utterly Japanese style; a rain of death sweetened. OK, the G3M sure has a loooong range.but,….. Manhattan?!

3 thoughts on “Mitsubishi G3M “Rikko”: Dream a huge dream.

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