General Airborne Transport XCG-16: Silent Marvel.

General Airborne Transport XCG-16: Silent Marvel.

The outstanding XCG-16 was built to cover a assault cargo glider USAAF requeriment. Its configuration was based in Vicent Burnelli’s classic “flying wing” configuration. Highly unconventional, to prove the concept a sub-scale model was built first -it showed promising results. Sadly, tragedy stuck the next step when the full-scale test vehicle (MC-1) crashed during a test flight in September 1943. The project continued anyway with three more gliders produced, one them for static tests. During their trials the XCG-16s displayed some a nice flying qualities, but  also serious operational defects. In the end the contract was cancelled.


One of XCG-16 more stunning features were their leading edge clamshell doors. Totally smashing they were.

2 thoughts on “General Airborne Transport XCG-16: Silent Marvel.

  1. Just wanted to make it clear that the crash was caused by unsecured ballast. The plane began to porpoise from the prop-wash of the tow plane. The ballast ended up in one corner and that was the end of any hope for control. It was beautiful and superior in many ways but the military specs were not met.

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