Curtiss A-12 Shrike: Prude Improvement.

Curtiss A-12 Shrike: Prude Improvement.

The early 1930s Shrikes ground attack aircraft were the first all-metal monoplanes built by the Curtiss company. Advanced, in a way, they were nevertheless at the time the pure image of anachronism with their wire & pylon-braced wings. The US. Army bought them anyway in serious numbers. The first ones acquired were equipped with the Prestone-cooled Curtiss V-1570  as the A-8. Later, when tests showed the superiority of air-cooled radials, the A-12 variant appeared powered with the ubiquitous Wright Cyclone.

Stupendous photo of a bunch of them low over Wheeler Field (Oahu, Hawaii) taken in 1940. Some of them were still operational that Pearl Harbor’s day next year…., but were not flown in combat.

Photo: Harold Wahlberg.

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