Le Bris’ 2nd Albatross: Le Canot Ailé.

Le Bris' 2nd Glider: Le Canot Ailé.

During 13 years starting in 1856 French sea-captain Jean-Marie Le Bris pursued an very interesting “flying” career. He used as a basis for his designs the Albatross’ flights he observed during his voyages. He built two gliders. With the first one Le Bris achieved in late 1856 a sort of flight and later in another attempt a broken leg. A decade later, in 1868, a second improved glider saw the light, but proved to be a non flier.

If I’m not mistaken this image of the second glider is the first photograph of an aircraft ever taken…. by Nadar in 1868.


6 thoughts on “Le Bris’ 2nd Albatross: Le Canot Ailé.

  1. Heard of Clément Ader ? The first one who built a motor engine, l’Eole ( Aeolus) able to leave the ground for 50 m ? It was in 1890, 13 years before the Wrights . The French word for plane, avion, was invented by him .

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