Beardmore R34 Airship: “Tiny” Big Airship.

The R34, and the R33, were built using the knowledge acquired with the L33, a German Zeppelin downed in 1916. The biggest airship in Britain fleet, the R34 was funnily nicknamed “Tiny.” Built too late to take part in WW1, this pretty airship became in 1919 the first aircraft to cross non-stop the Atlantic from east to west; completing that epic flight with a non-stop return flight. Sadly, Tiny’s life ended just 2 years after its moment of glory.

Overdramatic interpretation of R34’s departure on 2 July 1919. Scottish-built, it bore the Lion Rampant across its bow.

Artist David Weston.

3 thoughts on “Beardmore R34 Airship: “Tiny” Big Airship.

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