Junkers G.24: Proud Offspring.

Junkers G.24: Proud Offspring.

The G.24 was the logic multi-engined development of the single engine F.13. Not so easy, due to the draconian restrictions of the Versailles Treaty in aviation matters (specially in engine power), Junkers only could at first built the less than satisfactory powered G.23. Not only that, Junkers had to used a complicated overseas production facilities (Russia and Sweden) to achieve even that. With the G.24, the airframe got decent engines and it really started to show its real qualities of robustness and confort…plus a nice bunch of World records.

Depicted here a Spanish Unión Aérea Española (U.A.E) G.24, the “Sevilla” landing at the aeródromo de Getafe, Nov 1927.


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