Northrop SF-5A Freedom Fighter: Someone’s Liberty.

Northrop SF-5A Freedom Fighter: Someone's Liberty.

The Northrop F-5 family was ideal from air forces in need of a cheap,basic yet efficient supersonic fighter. Notwithstanding its qualities, the irony of its “Freedom Fighter” moniker has always make me “laugh”. The F-5 was supplied in quantity by the US to his allies agaisnt Communism: Iran, South Vietnam, Greece, some South American puppet military dictatorships, Morocco, etc, etc, and Franco’s Spain (where it was built under licence)….all of them quite free of that “Freedom”.

Anyway, in this lovely photo a flock of Spanish specimens “sans camo” taking off from their base in Gando (Gran Canaria,Canary Islands),1980.


2 thoughts on “Northrop SF-5A Freedom Fighter: Someone’s Liberty.

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