Pyotr N. Nesterov: Total Determination.

Pyotr N. Nesterov: Total Determination.

Nesterov was a man of hyperboles. Pilot, designer of aircrafts and one of the first -or the first- acrobat; he was the first pilot to perform a loop (1913). An early theorist of military aviation,he advocated for the need of teaching of air maneuvers to militay pilots. When WW1 started he became -in Aug. 1914- the first pilot to shot down an enemy aircraft; an Albatros B.II…. he tried to shoot it down with a pistol, but it proved insuficent so he “charged” with his Morane Saulnier G. Both aircrafts went down with no survivors.
Nesterov set a precedent with his dire action: this kind of attack became idyosincratic for the Russian/Soviet fighter pilots, the famous “Taran” attack.

Gruesome, and not very realistic, artist interpretation of Nesterov’s deed.

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