de Havilland DH-112 Mk.1 & 2 Venom: Poisoned Autobahn.

de Havilland DH-112 Mk.1 & 2 Venom:  Poisoned Autobahn.

The de Havilland company produced with their Vampire one of the more successful 1st generation jet fighter. The Vampire was both efficent and cheap, but not very advanced yet when the time came to replaced it, DH chose to use the same basic configuration. So the Venom was in essence a Vampire equipped with a thinner wing and a more powerful engine -to improve its performance ant altitude-, the final result was a sort of transitional fighter. Anyway, apart of some structural problems the Venoms served trustfully all around the declining British Empire, with war operations in Malaya and Egypt.
The Venom was also a modest commercial success, it saw service with 5 foreign air forces. The no-nonsense Swiss bought a construction license and operated them quantity (second only to the RAF)…. so this cute fighter shouldn’t have been bad at all.
The Swiss AF,like the Swedish AF, regularly makes deployments to operate from highways, a smart way to improve their survival chances in case of war.


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