“Messerschmitt Bf 109G”: Ludicrous Fiction.

Pseudo-Messerschmitt Bf 109G: Ludicrous Fiction

Actor Heinz Reincke “pretending” to be “Pips” Priller in the “The Longest Day” movie. He is sitting in the “Extra Large Bf 109 cockpit” used for the rear projection effects. All in this set was wrong; the already mentioned huge cockpit with that awkwardly tall joystick, the obviously “bomber-ist” headgear and Pips employed his Fw 190A(!!) that day.
The Longest Day is basically a really worthy movie but apart for those flops they reproduced wrongly the flight over the beaches of this brave man. Even worst, for some unfathomable reason they changed the name of Priller’s wingman that day: the equally brave Unteroffizier Heinz Wodarczyk not that “Bergsdorf”.

“Pips” and his mounts.

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