Zeppelin LZ126 (ZR-3) USS Los Angeles: Happy Times Ahead.

Awe-inspiring image of the departure of the USS Los Angeles on its transatlantic delivery flight Oct 12,1924. The LZ126 was purposely built for the US. Navy as a war reparation after the Great War.Originally wartime Zepellins were intended to fulfill that obligation,but their crews “scutted” them before. Built as a passenger airship,Germany couldn’t built war machines then, the Los Angeles gave 8 productive -if somewhat capacity-limited- service years to the Navy. Inflated with the safer hellium, the los Angeles was a “Happy Ship” that never lost a life during its service….a real exploit with those flimsy leviathans.
This superb image reflect the gloomy mood that reigned at Friedrichshafen that day.Both workers and bystanders thought they were seeing the last of the Zeppelins. Not so,the best and the worst was still ahead.

Both Happy…and Funny:


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