Carreidas 160 Jet: Sensationnel Collage.


Hergé really surpassed himself with this magnificent creation. His “Vol 714 pour Sydney” is maybe among most weirdest -and funniest- of Tintin’s adventures. The comic is one of my favs in the series; you bet, this marvellous aircraft has a fine share of the blame. Designed by the great Roger Leloup, the Carreidas 160 was equipped with all that was “a la mode” at the time of its creation (1968): the nascent jet business aircraft boom, a high supersonic fever, T-tail (of course), a tail-mounted tri-jet and -the icing on the cake- the almost inevitable swing-wing.
By the way, the Carreiras 160 also has “Un certain air de famille avec” the Dassault Mystère 20/Falcon family.

Superb cutaway, it’s a quite convincing dream.

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