LLRV: Train Hard….

Well, better late than never, my humble homage to Apollo 11’s 45th Aniversary: the ultra-bold (and ultra-dangerous) Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (MLRV). Made by Bell, this stunning contraction was just one of the “out of this World” gizmos employed by NASA in that wonderful era. After the initial tests to prove the trainer concept both this LLRV and the later Lunar Landing Training Vehicle (LLTV) were used to give the astronats an vague idea of how to land the Lunar Module (LM)…., NASA and Acronyms.
In this stupendous photo we can see this “Beast” with astronaut Neil Armstrong (at the left, standing) at Edwards AFB. By the way, in 1968 Armstrong had to use the ejection seat when the first LLRV turned nasty at very low level. Soon after the other LLRV was grounded -the LLTV’s remained in service.

The future was yesterday, my friends.

Photo by Ralph Morse (Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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