Gloster Gladiator Mk.I: Those “Benign” 卍’s (I).


I’ve always found unjust the stygma this otherwise positive symbol bears for the reason all of us know. So,to do some justice to the Swastika I’ll try to,little by little, show the other ones used in the aviation field.
Those lovely Red 卐 are magnificent depicted here on one of the 26 Mk.I bought by the Latvian AF in 1937.The photo was taken during a pre-delivery test flight;the Galdiator is masterly displayed by Gloster test pilot P. E. G. (Gerry) Sayer. They didn’t last long in Latvia… the country was “devoured” by the USSR in 1940.

4 thoughts on “Gloster Gladiator Mk.I: Those “Benign” 卍’s (I).

    • Who has said it’s a Suomen Gladiator?. It’s,as I’ve clearly said, a Latvian example. And the colour could be, as you say a kind of Maroon or as I labelled it….a Bordeaux RED.

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