de Havilland Sea Vixen F.A.W.2: The Empire in the Slump.

The classic story of British military aviation after WW2. While the US. Navy was introducing the peerless F-4, the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) was obliged to make do with its already obsolescent Sea Vixen. A “new” improved Sea Vixen (the F.A.W.2) was introduced. Some of its main improvements are clearly seen in this photo: the much-needed additional fuel capacity (in peculiar tail boom forward extensions), better Red Tops air-to-air missiles and SNEB rocket pods. This,in essence, stopgap served ironically until it was replaced in the early 70’s by a British-customized variant of the …. F-4.

Stunning all too British photo: a non-supersonic fighter in the golden Mach 2 era and L1A1 semi-auto assault rifles in the era of the full-auto assault rifles.



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