Timm T-840: Promises, Promises…

The gloriously chumky T-840 was claimed by its designer, Wally Timm, to have more safety features than any airplane built thanks to its fresh design approach (tricycle undercarriage,wind slots,etc). The prototype was powered by a pair of 400hp Wright R-975’s and in its construction was employed “Aeromold”, a new plastic-bonded plywood -it was known as the “Aeromold Transport” for that . It made its maiden flight in Nov,1938…. and have no takers.

Gorgeous photo of the Timm T-840 taken at the Grand Central Airport, CA.

Deperdussins, Zeppelins, Antoinettes, et Al: Find Some Shelter.

1913. Wonderful and fearful -then- fantasy about the winged things to come. Neither those flimsy monoplanes and specially nor the airships -rigid or not- proved to be efficient enough war machines.

Artist: Norman Wilkinson…yep,the one invented that incredible “Dazzle Painting” camo for warships.

CANT Z.1007bis Alcione: Precious Italian Imbroglio.

The magnificent Alcione (Kingfisher) was designed starting in 1935 by the great Filippo Zappata, a sort of derivate of his superb CANT Z.506. As usual with Italian big aircrafts of the era the Z.1007 was three-engined,a trend necessary due to the meagre power output of their local engines. The Alcione was, with the SM.79 “Gobbo”, one of the best medium bombers of the Regia Aeronautica, but also a especially good reconaissance aircraft. The main handicap of these excellent aircrafts apart of their engine layout was their all-wood structure,easily damaged by the extreme climates.
Curiously the Z.1007’s were built at the same time in both single and twin tail arrangements (the later improved markely their questionable longuitudinal stability) and they were operated mixed in the same units…some crews prefered one and anothers the other.

Such a pretty thing; those Piaggio P.XI bis R.C.40’s roarin’.

Douglas A-4B “Scooter”: If that was a question of guts…..

Utterly patriotic portrait.  This artwork have been used to honor the bravery of the Argentinian pilots during the Guerra de la Malvinas…. and at the same time to reivindicate the “Argentinidad” of the islands.
The subject of the portrait is a member of the Grupo 5 de Caza, the best Skykawk unit -or just the best- of the Fuerza aérea Argentina/Argentine AF (FAA) during the conflict. Captain Pablo Carballo, one of the most distinguished pilot of than unit, wore a almost similar headgear: Sierra Engineering Co. “Rams Horn” APH-6B helmet and A13A (MS22001) oxygen mask…..  all too US. Navy stuff, well the “Scooter” also was.

Artist: Ezequiel Martínez.

Potez 53: Le Vainqueur Prend Tout.

Absolutely “Superbe” racer designed to take part in the 1933 Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe. This slick retractable undercarriage monoplane powered by a household supercharger engine, the Potez 9B 9-cylinder radial. Number 10 won the competition at the hands of Georges Détré…. the happy celebration here.
Refined models of the Potez 53 -one of them a re-worked original- took part the next year at the Coupe Deutsch, but they failed to finish the race.
Gladly this pretty jewel is still with us lovely preserved in the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace.

Photo: Dominique Pascal collection.

Boeing 737’s, Pilatus Astras & NAA Harvards: Whales and their Remoras.

Nice pair of South African Cargo Boeing 737-200F’s, one of them with two NAA Harvards and the other with the South African AF Silver Falcons’ Pilatus PC-7 Mk.II Astras. Flaps & Slats down and the nose quite up…..those 737’s are cutting things magnificently thin,
City of Durban Airshow 2009.
These kind of formation flights are quite usual in South African aviation meets….they sure have flair down there.

Willows airship no. 5: Too Good to be True….Maybe.


The no.5 was the last non-rigid airship made by the Welsh airship pioneer Ernest Thomson Willows. Built in 1913 No.5 was his biggest airship, a four-seater -in a way too cool gondola- designed to give joy-rides over London. It had time also to do some espectacular stunts,….or we have here just a nice piece of ancient photoshop?.

That train sure went quite slow – no.5 maximum speed was 38 mph.

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