IAI Dagger: Down Low and Fast Bravery.

The Dagger was the name given to the former Israel Defense Force (IDF) IAI Neshers acquired by the Argentine AF. The Nesher was an “unlicensed” version of the Mirage V. The Israelis were those who put the Mirage III’s on the map with their 1967 Six Days affair. As good as the Mirages were it was found that a simpler Mirage’s version, with more fuel & payload, was a good idea so they asked Dassault for such a model; and so was born the Mirage V. It was after Israel bought -and paid- Dassault a nice bunch of Mirage V’s that they were embargoed by the French. No problem, the always crafty Israeli just obtained the necessary data from here and there -with some scandalous in the middle- and built some…., or so they said; maybe they were Mirage Vs surreptitiously delivered to Israel.
Already war-proven, the Nesher/Daggers didn’t find their Argentine “retirement” easy; the 1982 Falkland War / Guerra de las Malvinas was anything but peaceful…

Magnificent redemption of the Daggers’ deeds on the Falkland Sound. I still remember how stunned I was as a child when I saw on TV those Deltas banking under fire over the invasion fleet.

Author: David Cobb.

4 thoughts on “IAI Dagger: Down Low and Fast Bravery.

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