Nieuport 24 bis: Death with Dragonflies.

The 24 bis was another variation in the long line of sesquiplanes built by the Nieuport company during the Great War. Sadly, by the time the 24 entered service the hours of that kind of Nieuport fighters were counted. By then the French preferred the SPAD fighters; stronger and faster aircraft powered by the superlative Hispano engine.
The Russians were regular employers of French aircraft (both imported and licence-built) during WW1, and especially of Nieuport’s products. The Soviets continued to build and use them during the gruesome Russian Civil War.

Simply breathtaking the artwork of this -according to the source- 15th recon squadron’s 24 bis. The French influence is also quite evident here in that “Roold” safety helmet type employed by the pilot.

2 thoughts on “Nieuport 24 bis: Death with Dragonflies.

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