Dassault Mirage F1B/CR: “Cette fille m’a marqué au fer rouge”.

At the shadow of its stunning forebear, the gorgeous Mirage III, the F1 deserves its right place in the sun. The F1 was started in the middle 1960’s at Marcel Dassault’s initiative as a cheaper alternative to the heavier, costlier or more exotic fighters then under development/testing. Taking their successful III as a basis, they replaced the trademark delta wing with a highly advanced swept-wing to improve the low speed behaviour. Light, fast -a bit short in power though- and fairly versatile the F1’s sold well abroad and have rendered outstanding services in l’Armée de l’Air; being the more “war-seasoned” of the French jet fighters.
One of my childhood first winged-loves.

Bastille Day, 2014. After 41 loyal years of discret and effective service these F1’s of the ER 2/33 said “Adieu” to l’Armée de l’Air.


4 thoughts on “Dassault Mirage F1B/CR: “Cette fille m’a marqué au fer rouge”.

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