Dassault Super Étendard: 40 Years Young.

Oct 28,1974. On the shadow of Dassault’s glamorous Mirages, the Super Étendard has nevertheless been giving faithful and effective services for quite a long time. The SUE (now SEM) was designed in the early 70s by Dassault to replace their household Étendard IV as the Aéronavale maiden carrier based attack fighter. With the usual improvements in power, aerodynamics and electronics yet sharing a high degree of structure with it forebear this non-assuming and non-afterburning jets have proven to be for a long time “Swiss Knifes” in French Navy service -thanks to a cleverly undertaken modernization program.

Magnificent pic of an Argentine Navy’s. One of the only two SUE foreign users, and the only buyer; Irak loaned five. By the way, when I was a little kid my mother embroidered me a wonderful -she has such marvellous hands- badge of this unit: La Segunda Escuadrilla Aeronaval de Caza y Ataque. The “Argies” -no offence intended- got their money’s worth.

Super indeed. A most elegant nose affair, in my humble opinion.


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