Zerbe Air Sedan: Some people never learn.

After experimenting with meagre results with its multiplane “things” just before WW1, Professor Jerome S. Zerbe didn’t lost the faith. He continued to experiment with his peculiar wings configuration and after the end of the Great War he took the bold decision to built something bigger and more appealing. Based in Fayetteville (Arkansas),  Zerbe built this pretty neat passenger cabin aircraft powered by one of those readily available surplus rotary engines. The Zerbe Air Sedan one and only problem was Zerbe’s stubborn employ of his ludicrous wing warped (!) and stepped multiplane configuration. A “flight” of around 1,000 ft was achieved during its only known try and that was all. The Great War quantum leaps in aviation design seem to have not teach a thing to the dear Professor.

An amazing artifact anyway.

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