Vought RF-8A (F8U-1P) Crusader: Look at the Birdy.

Undernose view of one of VFP-62 “Photo-Crusader” taken during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This U.S. Navy unit was one of the main actors in that agonising days carrying extra-low and fast photo-recon sorties in search of missiles and other nuclear things.
There was some time of levity though. One ground crew of the unit took his time to stencil this message to Castro and his Russian friends. “Smile, you’re on Candid Camera” was a popular TV program where people were caught off guard doing frolics.

Photo: Capt William B. Ecker collection.

Just finished Ecker & Jack’s excellent “Blue Moon Over Cuba” book. A very well-written account by one the “first line” main characters in the Cold, Cold War’s hotter events.

2 thoughts on “Vought RF-8A (F8U-1P) Crusader: Look at the Birdy.

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