DINFIA I.A.35 Huanquero: Silver Staircase.

The Argentine of the 50s saw a booming development in its national aviation design and production, the IA 35 Huanquero was an clear example of that. This twin-engined (IA 19R El Indio engines) multipurpose monoplane aircraft was built by the DINFIA company. Designed under the direction of the famous professor Kurt Tank, this family of aircrafts (crew,gunnery and gunnery trainers,transport,ambulance and photograpic aircrafts) rendered good services in their native land. Such an useful basic design couldn’t be wasted, it evolved later into more powerful models powered by French turboprops – the Guaranis.

Precious -and very low- stepped formation of I.A.35’s. All seem to be early examples -or prototypes- with or without nose “greenhouse”; the lowest is the wingtip tank equiped Ea-005.


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