Klemm L.20: “Look Ma…..,No Hands !!”

In 1926,after having worked previously for such important German companies as the Zeppelin and the Daimler Aircraft Companies, Dr. Hanns Klemm established his own business to pursuit his elegant ideas about how light aircraft should be built. The L.20 was Klemm’s second product; a better engineered and built evolution of its previous L.15. Powered usually by a 20hp Daimler engine designed by Ferdinand Porsche (yep,that Porsche), more than 100 of this mainly wooden efficient aircraft were built.
Some of them saw bizarre uses, but this ought be the weirdest. Interwar famous aerial acrobat Fritz Schindler showing his skills -staged here, I think. The Klemm was usually piloted by Richard Perlia.

Photo: General Photographic Agency/Getty Images.

2 thoughts on “Klemm L.20: “Look Ma…..,No Hands !!”

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