Prue 160: Daddy Cool (VI).

The Prue 160 was single-seat glider designed and built by Californian Irving Prue in 1945. Of all-metal construction, its wing notoriously made from magnesium, it was designed with an interesting V-tail. The latter employed reportedly in order to land without becoming entangled in weeds and brush. This glider’s main claim of “fame” was its forward fuselage, built using a Lockheed P-38 Lightning drop tank. Usually those surplus P-38 drop tanks were employed to create “tank lakesters” dragsters, but this is the only known (to me) example of such flying conversion. Only one Prue 160 ever existed; a long serving glider, it crashed in 1994.

The Prue 160 shares the limelight here with Mr. Prue and an American Airlines DC-4.

Photo source: Flight Journal, Feb. 1998.

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