Fairey Flycatcher I: Adorable insectivores.

The “Senior Service” got their money worth with these peculiarly-shaped biplane fighters. An early 20s design the Flycatcher was in service with the Fleet Air Arm from 1923 to 1934, meanwhile aviation technology did evolve a lot. These Fairey fighter were operated from carrier with conventional landing gear or equiped with floats and catapult-operated from capital ships. In spite of their “uglyness”, these biplanes were well-loved by their pilots being both rugged and maneuverable… but obviously not quite fast.

Lovely inflight pic of N9923, a Flycatcher flown -around 1924- by the No.402 Flight from the HMS Eagle -the carrier in the background. Of particular interest is the external placement of one of its two .303 Vickers MG; crude and not very glamorous but easy to service.

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