Fokker F.VIII: Unassertively Handsome.

The F.VIII was Fokker answer to a KLM requeriment of 1926 for an airliner with more passenger capacity (originally 12, later 15) than their F.VII’s diverse models. Fokker’s first twin-engined airliner -the engines were by then powerful enough for that-, the F.VIII still employed the household trademarks: fat wooden cantilever wing, engines “suspended” under the wing and fabric covered steel tube fuselage. First flown in 1927, only a few were built (11) and they were used in the European route of the company starting in that same year – aircraft development was sure faster then…
Always too conservative in their enginering, the Fokker company and their empirical designer Reinhold Platz nevertheless took sometimes very/too timid steps technologically. Like in this F.VIII; the PH-OTO implemented in 1932 Fokker’s original plan to instal engines in the wing’s leading edge. Sometimes called the F.VIIIA, this Wright Cyclone engined aircraft was later used for survey work. It was written off in 1940 during a German bombardment.

2 thoughts on “Fokker F.VIII: Unassertively Handsome.

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  2. If you like watching one of these Fokker airplanes ‘playing war’, please watch: ‘Aguiluchos de la FAI en tierras de Aragón’, filmed in 1936. It’s in YouTube. Sorry, all speech is in Spanish. FAI is ‘Iberian Anarchistic Federation’

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