Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6/Trop: “Guest” Jagdflieger.

The Luftwaffe shot down a nice bunch of high ranking officers (the so-called “invasion of the fighter colonels”) over Fortress Europe. Hard pressed by the Allied juggernaut the Germans were quite desperate to acquire their obvious knowledge. It was with that in mind the famous Luftwaffe interrogator Hanns Scharff arranged a visit for Col. Malmstrom to the III./JG 27 based at Eschborn. Incredibly, there he was allowed to take a brief flight on a Gustav 6; not more than a circuit – escorted by the commander of the unit. About that exploit Malmstrom joked with his hosts: “very light and maneuverable with only 5 min of gasoline and no ammo, but a damn good fighter!, may I fly it back to England?”

The petite 109 was quite a contrast to his defeated Thunderbolt, no doubt.

Info source: “The Interrogator” by Raymond F. Toliver.

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