IMAM Ro.43: “Nel blu dipinto di blu…”

The main shipborne Italian recon seaplane of the Regia Marina during WW2. Derived from the classic Ro.37 Lince, this orthodox biplane entered service in 1935. Around 105 were built which despite their obvious fine performances, also displayed some serious drawbacks. It was just too flimsy for its own good and had deficient sea-handling behaviour. So severe were those defects that the Ro.43’s after being launched from their ships were, when posible, land recovered where that kind of operations were less delicate. A capital sin for that kind of aircraft. Anyway, by outbreak of war the Ro.43 was definitely obsolete and they did what they could until 1942.

Charming sunrays “camo”.

Amazing propaganda document about Ro.43’s catapult operations. The Romeo looked quite convincing here.

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