Grushin Gr-1 (IDS): Paranoid’s Paradox

After some really interesting designs, The Gr-1 was the last aircraft designed by Pyet D. Grushin under his own name. This elegant single-seat escort fighter was developed and built in 1940/41 period. Utterly conventional and strikingly similar to the German Me 110, the Gr-1 was vastly unluckier. The prototype was destroyed unflown during and air attack while it was being evacuated east due at the start of “Patriotic War”. End of its story.
Pyet D. Grushin was luckier later. After working for others -Lavochkin- Grushin “became” a missile expert in air defence systems; the world famous “SA-2 Guideline” (S-75 Dvina) missile is one of them.

Not related but the Gr-1 always brings to my mind Sergei Tupolev’s case. Tupolev like, many many more before and after, could not escape Stalin’s paranoia and in Oct. 1937 he was imprisoned for allegedly supplying the Germans design data of the….. Messerschmitt Bf 110.


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